Auto Repair Service at Marin Luxury Cars vs. Independent Garages

Auto Repair and Maintenance at Marin Luxury Cars vs Independent Garage.
Many consumers think and feel that they get the best value from Independent garages vs. utilizing the franchise Dealerships like Jaguar Land Rover Marin. I am going to give you a few options and things to think about before making your decision or before you make your next service appointment for your Jaguar or Land Rover. Jaguar factory trained technicians. Land Rover trained technicians. Only factory issued parts go into the repair of your Jaguar or Land Rover. Only Certified Jaguar and Land Rover tools are used.

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Auto Brokers vs. Auto Dealers

Many consumers think or feel that if they buy a new vehicle from an auto broker they get their best deal, well…Not necessarily true. The Auto Broker will mark up the cost and charge it to the consumer, mark up the rate or money factor (if a lease), or charge a “Broker Fee”. The broker fee is the only fee that must be shown on the contract; all other fees can be hidden within the deal itself (payment etc…). Now, an auto broker can save you the time of searching and negotiating with the Dealer, but at a cost…
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