Auto Repair and Maintenance Service at Marin Luxury Cars vs Independent Garage

Many consumers think and feel that they get the best value from Independent garages vs. utilizing the franchise Dealerships like Jaguar Land Rover Marin. I am going to give you a few options and things to think about before making your decision or before you make your next service appointment for your Jaguar or Land Rover.
HOURLY RATE: At an independent garage, you may find listed (posted) a low dollar amount for labor, such as $195.00 an hour. At Jaguar Land Rover Marin in Corte Madera, CA you might see a, hourly charge $245.00 (example only), but you may be paying more at the Independent. On the outside it appears the independent garage will do the work for less, or it seems? Here are some examples to help you decide:
FACTORY TRAINED TECHNICIANS at Jaguar Land Rover Marin in Corte Madera, CA:
All Jaguar Land Rover Marin Service employees go through factory training all year round, in fact dealerships pay $135k + per year (depending on the size of the shop) just for training, ask the independent how much they spend per year? Dealerships train so that their techs can spot, diagnoses and find the issue quickly (also a requirement by the manufactures), saving you time which saves you money (hourly rate). Example: The independent finds the issue and fixes it in 3 hours at $195.00 per hour, or $585.00. Marin Luxury Cars factory trained technicians find the issue and fixes in 2 Hrs (he is trained/knows where to look for issue) at $245.00 per hour which equals $490.00! Quicker, faster because we know what to look for. Jaguar Land Rover Marin techs only work on our brands = experts. Independent techs must know how to work of all brands = less experienced and slows down diagnostic.
You can use the same scenario above as far as tools required, dealers spend $175k + on special tools required to fix the vehicles quicker and more efficient. The best tools allow for the best work performed. Again, experts are faster and more efficient.
Jaguar Land Rover Marin must use the most updated factory parts, they are at times more expensive, but they are manufactured better and stand up to the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) specifications. The OEM parts are the best because they have been tested and the manufacturers stand behind the vehicle and the parts for 4 years or 50k miles; they must be the best. Independents buy off-brand (sometimes the old, outdated OEM parts - obsolete by the manufactures) or even used parts; parts cost less but do not last as long or in some case, will not allow the vehicle to perform and its best. Off brand parts (non OEM) or used parts are usually not under warranty, and when they fail, Independents will not warranty their labor they charge to replace them.  Jaguar Land Rover Factory OEM parts can get updated yearly and sometimes monthly; the new “updated” (or better) part is used by Marin Luxury Cars to fix an issue thus giving the consumer the best available parts option. The older, out dated parts get sold off by the original suppliers to parts houses and discount retail outlets once the manufactures have deemed these parts obsolete (or inferior).  Have your dealership service department put the best and most updated part (Factory OEM parts) in your Jaguar or Land Rover to have peace of mind = less time, less expensive.
When you save money (or think you did) by servicing at the independent garage, you have no recourse if you have an issue after your new vehicle warranty expires. If you service regularly and within the guidelines required by the manufacturer (by Jaguar land Rover Marin) and the part fails, Marin Luxury Cars in Corte Madera, CA can recommend or suggest that you get a discount or “goodwill” (no charge to the consumer) by the manufacturer.  If a part fails after the original warranty expires, and you have service history by an authorized dealer, the manufacturer can (and usually does) step up and repair at a discount or at no cost to the consumer (even if there is no warranty left). If you service through an independent, you have no way of getting help from the manufacture (this alone is good enough value to service at the dealer). The factory will stand behind you, or at least, offer some sort of goodwill.
We look forward to seeing you at Jaguar Land Rover Marin.
Bret Feasel, General Manager
Marin Luxury Cars
Jaguar Land Rover Marin

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